Certified Organic Garlic grown on Certified Organic Land in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.


Our Beginning

Menn's Organic Garlic is a new, family-run agribusines growing some of the best organic garlic in Wisconsin's Driftless Region. We currently specialize in raising Chesnok Red and German Red garlic cultivars. We are now selling our Georgian Fire and Georgian Crystal varieties. Our newest crop of Pehoski Purple has already been sold out.


“Fire, water, and garlic... what more do you need?”


— Clarissa Menn


Committed to organic and sustainable agricultural practices as a core strategy, Menn's Organic Garlic is connected to a larger family-run farm that utilizes rotational cattle grazing, standing winter grazing, and crop rotation.

Jacob Menn 97 inspecting our fields

Jacob Menn 97 inspecting our fields


Our Mission

Using certified organic garlic cloves hand-planted in family farm land, we started in 2015. Our first year of operation focused on growing our stock. In 2017 we started direct customer sales of “field to fork” table garlic and bulbs for seed. We spend each season learning how to improve our planting, weeding, and harvesting techniques to increase the quality and yield of our bulbs.  A never ending search for better flavor.


Three new varieties of garlic unfortunately all sold out.

We have granulated and powdered garlic available.


Georgian Crystal (Sold Out)

A large porcelain hardneck garlic that has a more mild raw flavor that it maintains well in cooking. Bulbs normally contain 4-9 cloves. This variety is great with fish, chicken, veggies and in stir fry.


Georgian Fire (Sold Out)

A large porcelain hardneck garlic that has a robust spicy flavor and lingering aftertaste. The bulbs can store into spring and contain 4-6 cloves. This varietyis great for salsa and salads.


German Red (Sold Out)

- a hardneck rocombole variety with a spicy and robust flavor. It grows well in cold winter areas. Bulbs generally contain 10-16 cloves. Easy to peel. Great for roasting.


Chesnok Red (Sold Out)

- a hardneck, purple stripe with highly flavorful taste. It retains much of its nutty flavor when cooked. The bulbs contain 10-12 cloves. Stores well. Great for roasting.


Pehoski Purple (Sold out)

A large purple stripe hardneck that has a hot flavor raw, which becomes mild and earthy when cooked. A great all purpose garlic that can be used for roasting, baking and sauteing.



The Menn family has farmed in the Driftless Region since the 1850s and continues to innovate while responsibly managing the ecological health of the land.

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Cameron Park Famers Market


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