For large orders. We will work out the best price for shipping with you. (608)632-3858


Hi Everyone Prices for 2019 crop!

Granulated Garlic  2.5 oz  $9   &  5 oz $17

Powdered Garlic    3 oz $10    &    6oz $19

We still have powdered garlic and granulated garlic.

We will be processing more garlic into granulated and powdered this September. Inventory will be back up then.

If ordering more than 5 jars please call us for shipping prices.

call (608)632-3858 

For those who want to buy  1 to 99 pounds

2.25. to under 2.5 inches $22/lb
2 to under 2.25 inches $20/lb
1.75 to under 2 inches $18/ lb
1.5 to under 1.75 inches $16/lb

For those who want to buy 10 pounds or more
Call for pricing and availability

Shipping not included- and varies by region.
quantities maybe limited


For 2019 We are sold out of our German Red, Pehoski Purple, and Chesnok Red varieties

 e-commerce is up & running


For orders greater than 100 lbs please call…(608)623-3858